What a digital marketer’s marketing plan looks like

What a digital marketer’s marketing plan looks like

I am immersed in the world of digital marketing. Between my corporate job and side-hustle, I’m strategizing and creating online and offline content (print or networking collateral) on a daily basis. Not only am I constantly creating marketing for other entrepreneurs, I have to keep up with my own as well.


So what does a digital marketer do for her own marketing? How do I manage to fit marketing my own business into a VERY full month of managing others’ marketing? My advantage is that I’ve done a lot of everything, so I know what it takes to create certain assets, how to see if they’re working and what combinations work within various time, budget and creative limits.

What I’ve learned is that the best approach is to formulate a marketing strategy or plan around the person or persons in charge and their business goals, not necessarily all the latest marketing trends or what’s traditionally worked for a certain industry.

Many times, business owners will have an idea of what they want based on watching others, but aren’t aware of how time consuming or costly it is, or that it’s actually not doing anything for the other entrepreneur at all – it just looks or seems flashy. Believe the metrics, not the visual appeal.

Here’s the thing, boss babes, your marketing secret sauce is what makes the most sense for YOU – your time, budget and creative capacity.

My 2019 marketing plan is wider and broader than what I was doing in 2018, but it’s based mostly on what I can handle in the time I have to create and test and tweak and improve within an allotted window each month. I am pushing for more but within realistic guidelines and being another year wiser about what will produce the best ROI for what I can invest – both in time and money.

In summary, my 2019 marketing plan consists of most of the same things I was doing in 2018 – keeping my website fresh, monthly blogs, weekly social posts and weekly emails. I’ve added paid social ads because I think I’m ready to manage them (doing it right is more expensive and high maintenance than most people realize).

As you create your 2019 marketing plan, please don’t get wrapped up in what “everyone else” is doing. If you’re in the early years of your business or need help keeping up consistent marketing that isn’t time consuming, I’ve got exactly what you need here. My post on driving website traffic is basically a fundamental marketing strategy with a great, simple tool to help with consistency.

What else are you curious about when it comes to a 2019 marketing plan? Make sure you’re following my social accounts! I’m constantly giving away marketing GOLD on them. Enjoy your new year planning, girlfriend!

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