Do you wish someone would just tell you exactly what to do for marketing your new business - on a budget, without hours of content creation? I knew it. 
And I get it. Marketing has become a vast, intimidating world of reels and ads and data and emails and SEO and tech and *gasp* AI. It's all too much. Too much, especially, for the new or young business with ONE marketer (that's you, btw).

Can I share a secret? You don't actually need much marketing to get sales.

Reach your business goals with simple, step-by-step startup marketing

If social accounts are a high priority, if you're struggling to describe your business in under 60 seconds, if you're spending more than 4 hours a week creating marketing content, if you're more focused on reaching strangers on the Internet than leaning on your friends and family for referrals, you're following the same poor approach most new business owners take to marketing.

My B.A.S.E. method will clarify exactly what you need, in the order you need it, to get paying customers to your startup without grinding on marketing platforms 24/7.

If one of the first marketing moves you plan to make is setting up social media, you and I need to talk.