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Startup sales don’t have to come from the default, typical marketing plan. The typical onslaught of your brand on reels, in videos, in thought leader articles and sprinkled all over through Google ads can be effective AND overrated. If you’ve been trying different types of marketing, doing the same-old, same-old play that everyone else in […]

startup sales marketing ideas

Underrated marketing methods that bring easy, quick startup sales

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Paid ads marketing is a hot topic in business marketing world because it’s both popular and polarizing. Paid ads on Meta (Facebook/Instagram) TikTok, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, and on and on, have increased as a marketing choice over the years and frankly, the bigger a platform gets, the likelier it is to push businesses and companies […]

paid ads marketing for startups

Should you use paid ads marketing for a new business?

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The first year of business is an adventure filled with excitement, challenges and the undeniable thrill of turning your vision into reality. It’s also a make-or-break time period that will either catapult you into revenue growth, smooth processes and forward momentum OR keep you strangled with too much manual work, wasted efforts and confusing outcomes. […]

key decisions in the first year of business

The first year of business: Key decisions that promote long-term success

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Doing simple market research for your startup business is one of the absolute critical steps early in your business planning. Let’s explore how understanding your customer through new business market research can significantly speed up your sales process. Missing Market Research can mean Years of Wasted Startup Marketing At the heart of any thriving business […]

simple market research for the new business

How to do Simple Market Research for Your Startup

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Consider this your friendly guide to understanding and applying basic SEO techniques in 2024, minus the techy mumbo-jumbo. What is SEO, Anyway? I’m so glad you asked because this brings up a huge point. SEO in 2005 is massively different than SEO in 2024. Today, optimizing your marketing content for search is no longer only […]

SEO in 2024 best practices for new business owners

Increase your SEO in 2024 (ps. it’s not just about Google anymore)

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For a lot of the small business owners I’ve spoken with, marketing and lead generation are more challenging in 2023 than they have been in the previous few years. Personally, I don’t think it’s one specific reason – I think marketing right now is challenging due to a mixed bag. Big tech changes, a tough […]

Why isn’t my marketing working in 2023?

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The time for your business to start outsourcing marketing has come. You have signed the dotted line and paid your first invoice to begin working with a marketer you have hired for your business. You are feeling excited, relieved, and a little anxious to move forward with this huge commitment, but what exactly should you […]

What Can You Expect When You Outsource Your Marketing?

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You have come to the conclusion that now is the time to hire marketing help for your business. You know that this is a positive step, but what kind of marketing help will make the most sense for you? Should you bring on an employee? Find a marketing freelancer? Use a service like MarketerHire or […]

The Costs of Hiring Marketing Help

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Things have been far from quiet over here at Lindsey Wagnon Marketing. We are rolling right into 2023 with new and revised virtual marketing services to support small businesses all throughout the next year. Although December is often associated with excitement surrounding the holidays and the approach of new beginnings, it can also leave business […]

2023 Virtual Marketing Services

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It’s February, 2023 now and I have some new marketing trends and consumer behavior insights to share so you can focus your 2023 marketing on the most strategic, current methods. Here’s what’s “in” in marketing, followed by what’s old news or no longer as effective in marketing. What 2023 marketing needs most 2023 Marketing needs […]

2023 Marketing Trend Predictions Based on 2022 Consumer Behavior