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Underrated marketing methods that bring easy, quick startup sales

Underrated marketing methods that bring easy, quick startup sales

Startup sales don’t have to come from the default, typical marketing plan. The typical onslaught of your brand on reels, in videos, in thought leader articles and sprinkled all over through Google ads can be effective AND overrated.

If you’ve been trying different types of marketing, doing the same-old, same-old play that everyone else in your field is doing, maybe it’s time to consider some fresh, underrated marketing options and give them a fair shot.

As I’m building a new branch of my boutique startup marketing agency, leaning more into the coaching and online course world through Savvy Startup Marketer, the marketing methods that are working best for me are not the typical long-term options. THINK: SEO, Pinterest pinning, Meta…

I do believe these forms of marketing are strong when you commit to the and work the platform – but organically, they take a while to get traction. So in the meantime, my early startup sales are more likely to come from ways to market that get faster reach and go directly to the right people.

Does this exist? Absolutely.

A perfect illustration of underrated marketing with big startup sales potential

A few weeks ago, during my usual social media scroll—a little break in my busy day—I stumbled upon a post in an active Facebook group I’m in. This group isn’t even about business, it’s for general women’s topics, but there are quite a few business/hiring/legal conversations in there.

In my quick skim, I noticed a fellow podcaster was seeking new guests.

I didn’t even go to the group expecting any kind of opportunity like this, but since this is the type of startup building opportunity I’m always preaching about, I seized it.

Within a few minutes I responded, filled out the form she provided, and before I knew it, I was scheduled for an interview. This small, almost effortless action led not only to a podcast interview but also opened another door to an exciting project she was working on.

This experience is a perfect illustration of a simple but powerful truth: marketing doesn’t have to be complex or overwhelming.

Sales and business growth opportunities are often right in front of us, waiting to be grabbed.

Lessons Learned and Tips for Effective Marketing

If you’re depending only on behind-the-computer, digital marketing efforts to grow your new business, let me challenge you to expand into some less stranger-to-stranger lead generation options.

In the earlier decades, this looks like good, old-fashioned networking. BUT today we have the incredible option of making networking look a lot more like casual, computer-initiated conversation.

Still, it can be faster and more effective for the growth of our small businesses than waiting on search traffic or paid ads to bring in actual buyers.

Here are some easy marketing tricks to add to your plan.

  1. Be Active in Communities: Engagement in online communities like Facebook groups can be incredibly fruitful. It’s not just about posting and promoting, but about being a proactive member. This can lead to direct opportunities, valuable market research, and even potential customers.
  2. Embrace New Opportunities: Whether it’s speaking on a podcast or participating in a collaborative project, each opportunity not only promotes your business but also aids in personal and professional growth.
  3. Develop Soft Skills: Every interaction and opportunity contributes to your development in communication, people skills, and more. These are invaluable in business and life.
  4. Look Beyond Conventional Tactics: In the initial years of business, it’s crucial to explore and take advantage of easy wins that don’t require heavy investment. Sometimes, the most straightforward and obvious opportunities provide the best outcomes.
  5. Prepare for Quiet Before the Storm: The early months of starting a business can be discouragingly quiet. It’s important to stay patient and prepared. When you start putting yourself out there, be ready for the slow build-up of momentum.
  6. Leverage Your Existing Network: Don’t overlook the power of the people you already know—friends, family, and professional contacts. Often, your first few opportunities can come from within this circle.

A Call to Action for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you’re hesitant about stepping out of your comfort zone or worried about not being a perfect speaker, remember that everyone starts somewhere. Even the simple act of engaging more actively in online groups or responding to an opportunity can set the stage for bigger things.

For those of you who feel inspired by my story and want to start making more proactive steps in your marketing efforts, remember, it’s about taking action, even small ones.

Join a group, respond to a post, or even just engage more with your current networks.

Marketing for your new business doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel or spend excessively. Often, it’s about being in the right place, with the right people, and having the courage to take the next step. Keep your eyes open for those opportunities—they’re often closer than you think.

In fact, I offer women starting their own business OR women who have a business very easy chances to get some promotion on my Savvy Startup Marketer podcast each week. All you have to do (like I did) is click here and fill out this form.

Who knows? It could lead to something groundbreaking for your startup sales.

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