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Networking, for introverts, can initiate an immediate, stomach-churning rejection of any social context involving presenting your business pitch or doing uncomfortable icebreakers with a bunch of professionals in suits. I can relate. But I want to help you shift that mindset, because it’s 2024, and networking for introverts means we don’t have to do anything […]

Networking for introverts

New Business Networking for Introverts

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Building your own business website feels so easy…until you sit down to do it. That’s when it hits you; you have no idea what a good DIY business website actually needs. How many web pages does your website need and what should those web pages have on them? What kind of copy should you put […]

what does my website need?

What does my DIY business website need?

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When you do this, you can always take a minimalist marketing approach with your small business. What’s this, you ask? It’s a shift in mindset: Focus on customers, not just new leads I get that this approach might sound a bit unconventional, but when you give it some thought, you realize customer happiness – and […]

how to make customers your best marketers

How to do Minimalist Marketing – Forever