2023 Virtual Marketing Services

2023 Virtual Marketing Services

Things have been far from quiet over here at Lindsey Wagnon Marketing. We are rolling right into 2023 with new and revised virtual marketing services to support small businesses all throughout the next year.

Although December is often associated with excitement surrounding the holidays and the approach of new beginnings, it can also leave business owners ridden with fear and panic for the new year. Especially surrounding marketing. This time of year can be even more daunting as you reflect and realize that your business did not perform as well as you anticipated.

Maybe you had planned to stay consistent with your content (for real this time!) and fell short.

Maybe you had planned to design or revamp your website to generate new leads, and it never happened.

Or, maybe you came into 2022 with a sales goal planted right in the center of your vision board…one you’ve hit and are gearing up to exceed in 2023.

No matter how your small business performed in 2022, you do not have to face 2023 alone.

Lindsey Wagnon Marketing offers fractional CMO and virtual marketing services to meet you right where you are. Whether you need a detailed marketing strategy to get you on the track, a highly experienced marketing leader to coach your team to success, or an “all-in” partnership, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a look at our 2023 digital marketing services and who they’re perfect for.


Wonder what it’s like to work with LWM? What would a tenured chief marketing officer tell you to do for your marketing? This is our fastest, most affordable way to find out.

Guided Marketing Planning

More than your standard consultation, our guided marketing planning takes a deeper dive into your overall marketing so we can analyze performance, learn your budget and goals, take into account your team’s capacities and skill sets and craft a customized plan that will help you accomplish your growth vision without the guessing, burnout or wasted money. Plus learn just how well your website is actually working and how to turn it into a stronger lead generator.

The highlights of this service are:

  • Basic performance audit

  • SEMRush Website & SEO Report

  • 90-minute planning session

  • Custom 6-month marketing plan

Who our guided marketing planning is best for:

✔️The small business owner who desperately needs direction

✔️The small team without strong marketing leadership

✔️The growing business ready to test the waters of outsourcing

✔️The startup or franchise owner who wants clear direction

✔️The small business unsure of their marketing’s actual performance in need of a high-level audit and honest feedback


Our partnerships are our staple service and offer leadership, direction and guidance while we operate as a member of your marketing team. We know that every business has specific needs which is why we created different tiers to our partnerships. When we say that we want to meet you where you are, we mean it. Our three customizable marketing partnerships are:

Full-Service Marketing Partnership

With this partnership, you get full access to Lindsey Wagnon, our resident Virtual CMO who will lead all aspects of your marketing. We’ll meet regularly to make sure all necessary information is shared, then Lindsey and team will handle the project management, platform management, content creation and analytics reporting of every type of marketing included.

We’ll also communicate with any of your own team members doing marketing, vendors you’ve already enlisted to help and work within a provided budget. With full-service, our clients can get almost completely out of the marketing (or as much of it as they want to) and let us take care of it.

This is for the business owner who needs a marketing leader as a part of their team who is not only creating a strategy and plan, but also executing the plan based off your business model, sales goals, audience and budget. We will customize our partnership to include the particular marketing methods your business needs with room to consult and expand as your sales and revenue grow. We will also help you hire marketing team members if your business is ready for that internal expansion.

Some of the marketing responsibilities we often own are:

  • Search optimization

  • Website performance management

  • Sales funnel setup and management

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • SMS campaigns

  • Content marketing

  • Paid ads

  • Offline marketing methods (print/broadcast/speaking ops)

Partial-Service Marketing Partnership

If you are not quite ready for a full-service partnership but know that you need help to meet higher revenue goals, our Partial-Service Partnership is a great way to start outsourcing without the full-service price tag or commitment.

With our partial-service partnership, our team will customize a more condensed version of the full-service option that suits your business, budget and goals. Most of our partial-service partnerships look like monthly consulting, basic website management, content planning and our team fully owning one primary marketing method.

So while this may be a partial-service partnership, you certainly will not be receiving partial results.

Consultation Partnership

Do you want to be hands-on with executing your marketing, but still need additional leadership and coaching? Not a problem. In our consultation partnerships, we walk alongside you and your team by providing coaching so that your marketing operation can be a well-oiled machine. This partnership includes:

  • Up to 4 hours consultation and training

  • Performance reviews

  • Operational support/project management

A consultation partnership is ideal when you have the people to do the marketing but struggle to lead your marketing efforts. Invite our fractional CMO, Lindsey, into your team at an extremely affordable rate so you can fill that leadership gap.


These projects are designed to provide long-lasting deliverables, from just a one-time service. While these are far from a “quick fix” they can certainly provide a solid marketing foundation and get you (and keep you) on the right track!

State of your Marketing Audit

Data is the best indicator of future direction. Our audits take a deep dive into the data of every aspect of your marketing to create a final report of marketing recommendations for your business. We want to equip you with the right information so that you can make the best decisions to improve business performance and generate high quality leads. This includes analytics as well as whether or not your platforms are properly connected and if you’re meeting the base touchpoint recommendations for conversion. This is the kind of audit a long-time, virtual CMO can lead for your business.

Marketing Clean Up Package

With the hustle and bustle and seemingly endless to-do lists, business owners often let their website and other digital platforms fall right through the cracks. This leads to long-term neglect and rolled eyes from your audience. Our clean ups give your digital presence the TLC that it needs while ensuring that your website is a lead magnet all throughout the new year. We also use the invaluable SEMRush platform to detect the biggest issues that are preventing your website from working at its best and make the necessary improvements.

Business Startup Marketing Package

If you are stepping into 2023 with a new business or product, stay right here. Our business startup package gives your business a clean, cohesive and lead-generating marketing foundation to eliminate the digital mess that often comes with new launches. You will walk away with clear, customized steps for growth with professional marketing direction, branding coordination, a 6-month marketing plan, platform setup, brand messaging kit, and more. This is for you if you want to make the investment now, and avoid costly mistakes later.

If you know that you need marketing help but aren’t quite sure where you fit in, don’t fret – we are here to help you assess your needs and what service may be the most suitable for your business. Contact us today with any questions that you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Cheers to big vision and goals met in 2023!

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