Look at me, blogging again after a decade

Look at me, blogging again after a decade

Lindsey Wagnon Marketing agency

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Hi there! First, thank you so much stopping by. I love you for taking your time to check out my website. 

This is going to be a place where I just shoot straight. Like, maybe even embarrass myself a little with exposure and vulnerability. I hope you don’t mind. This won’t be the place to look for perfect writing either, btw. This is my thought process vomited on the page at lightning speed. Because I’d rather spend my time and mental energy creating authentic, effective brand writing for other people’s businesses. I feel like you can appreciate that. 

Ok, now that we’ve set expectations, I’ll proceed with more of what you’re probably looking for here – who is this Lindsey Wagnon and why has she invaded a tiny corner of my world via social media, a search engine, word of mouth, etc?

Well, I’m a wife and mom, for starters. I am a Christian and part of Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C. Of course, there are stories behind all those facts which I’ll continue to open up about here (shamelessly tempting you to check back later). 

Most recently, I was a sales marketing director at an INC 5000 company helping hundreds of entrepreneurs execute marketing strategies that fit their location, budget and skill level. For almost five years, that’s where I practiced much of what I’ve learned about marketing content, branding, digital marketing, marketing campaigns, SEO, analytics, email marketing, video marketing, various forms of copywriting and so-on.

Before that, I worked for a lifestyle magazine doing mostly feature writing, some news reporting, and before that I was a professional blogger when blogs were first becoming a thing, oh, about a dozen years ago. Little known fact – I had a personal blog on one of the first versions of WordPress around 2006 – 2008ish called Runner’s High that I was obsessed with.

Yep, I was part of that original SEO blog craze that was big business for a hot minute. At the time it was allllll keyword stuffing. Not so much these days.

Obviously, I have the most tenure in marketing copywriting and content creation, but my boutique-style agency involves acting as more of a marketing director for entrepreneurs. I prefer to help them think through the bigger picture and then we’ll figure out the ongoing services from there.

You may or may not be in need of someone to take the controls of your digital strategy, website content, email marketing, social media, SEO, etc., but either way, I am glad you landed here and I hope you feel you gained something worthwhile from it. 

If you’re looking for practical marketing tips, I offer constant training videos on my Instagram account and YouTube channel, so you’ll want to check those out for sure.

That’s all for now!

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