Frequently Asked Questions

Grab our agency client interest guide for more extensive FAQ

I’m only looking for a single service like social media or email marketing. Do you offer that?

Our partial partnership includes one marketing service plus a few other important ongoing services to make sure that marketing method works which you can see listed on our services page or the interest guide. The difference in using Lindsey Wagnon Marketing for any marketing service is that we will aim to have more ownership and guidance of your overall marketing than a typical freelancer. It’s best to grab the interest guide and take the steps toward proposal so we can help you figure out what will work best for your business.

Do you offer website building services?

We offer SquareSpace website building for the business that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a custom site. We do not do website only, however. This would be an add-on service if the business comes to us for launch marketing or needs a new digital strategy that includes a better website. We prefer long-term relationships with clients through ongoing marketing services that go beyond the build of the website. Our recommended vendor list below includes fantastic custom website builders if that’s all you want.

My business can’t yet afford your partnerships but I need help getting more sales and leads so that someday I can afford more marketing help. What can I do?

We built The Marketing Plan Shop to provide newer entrepreneurs with tools and coaching to become better at marketing their own business until they can afford to outsource. Check it out here.

What kind of contractual commitment do you require for partnerships?

We require a 6-month partnership contract for a couple reasons. First, it’s difficult to get strong traction with marketing in fewer than 6 months. Our aim is to provide serious business growth marketing which is not a short-term play. Secondly, we are interested in working with clients who value a long-term relationship and are ready to commit to at least 6 months at a time. We do offer early cancellation in certain circumstances.